MAJ Quatre illustrations de Mirrodin Besieged

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Illustration de la Koth's Courier, accompagnée de ce texte d'ambiance :


"The sight of the Phyrexian beasts sickens me. They crawled out of the depths of our world - a parasite that steals our flesh and our minds and our souls. I want to fight back. The core of my soul screams at me to lash out, and it takes all of my strength to ignore that shrieking compulsion, because I have a mission. Koth has tasked me with finding survivors in the Tangle. If there are any Sylvok or Viridians left in this forest, I will find you, and bring you to safety, to the tunnels below Kuldotha.

"But what I really want to know, what I'm hoping to discover, is this: Who are they, and where did they come from, really? Were they living below the surface all along, like a reflection in some dark, twisted mirror? If they are our reflections, what does that say about us? I refuse to believe that is who we are. I have known too many good, honorable people, and have seen too many of them fall to Phyrexian corruption, to believe that.

"No. Our world is strong, and we will triumph over this Phyrexian plague. We must. But first, we must survive, as many of the uninfected as possible. And that means I have work to do, because we can't afford to lose a single survivor. So, if this message finds you, know that you are not alone. Keep this token with you; it contains a tracking spell. I will find you. Then we will fight back together." - Trinist, courier of Koth

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Fond d'écran Bonehoard par Chippy.

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Fond d'écran Hero of Bladehold par Austin Hsu, accompagné de ce texte d'ambiance :


Once inside the gate, Captain Ria Ivor expected the worst. Some bloody visage like they had seen on the road. But the streets were completely deserted, and the eerie calm was disturbing even to her. She searched the faces of her three young soldiers. She could tell they were at the breaking point.

"Draw your swords," Captain Ivor told them gruffly. "There is no way but forward."

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Fond d'écran Titan Forge par Svetlin Velinov, accompagné de ce texte d'ambiance :


As the Phyrexians seemed to flow unchecked from beneath the earth's surface, their numbers continued to grow as Mirrans were taken and corrupted above. To counter this almost exponential growth, the Oxiddan tribes united to build forges to construct titan golems free of biological contamination that the Phyrexians could corrupt.

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