Magic "plus grosse marque de jeu aux USA", revenus doublés en 3 ans

Le PDG d'Hasbro qualifie Magic: the Gathering de "plus grosse marque de jeu aux USA", avec un revenu de plus de 200 millions de $, doublé depuis 2008, époque à laquelle le jeu était en déclin :

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner told analysts in the company's conference call this week that Magic: The Gathering is ".the largest game brand in the U.S." (apparently excluding videogames from the comparison). And for the first time, a Hasbro exec has characterized the size of the brand, implying that it's $200 million or more. In praising the Wizards of the Coast management team Goldner noted that the team had taken Magic, "which totaled less than $100 million in revenues in 2008 and was on the decline, to where it is today,. more than double the size it was just three years ago."

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